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Good People - Doing Good - I'ts Simple !

Welcome to Law Voice!


We at the team of Law Voice hope to assist you in a time when you are likely experiencing difficulty. While we can not perform miracles what we do promise is to "lend an ear" and listen to what your needs are and to do our darned best to assist. Again, we cant solve all your problems and we may not be able to assist - we promise, however, to do our best to make your journey through your legal issue just that bit better.


We are not a free legal practice. We are a service which can provide a range of assistance to you to eiether self represent; avail yourself of pro-bono or legal aid assistance; or refer you to low cost or low risk legal services.


So, feel free to give us a call on 1300 - 557 - 819 and book an appointment to see one of our dedicated Law Voice volunteers.



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