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What We Stand For

"At the heart of a just society - is a society that provides access to justice. Unfortunately, as a practitioner for two decades now, I can say that  the legal system is not a justice system it's, in many ways, the cause of injustice itself.......Each of its members have an obligation (no a privilege) to make it not so and to provide not just the appearance of justice but real justice" Michael Vassili (Michael Vassili Barristers & Solicitors and founder of Law Voice)
Legal Information

We can provide you with a wide range of information about your legal matter to enable you to better understand the legal issues and system which you are confronting.


We have regular information sessions on a one to one and group basis at our Patrick Street Office in Blacktown and on site at various venues from time to time.

We also provide talks on justice and legal system issues for groups by request.


Call us on 1300 557 819 and ask for Law Voice

Assistance with Self Representation

An increasing number of people are self represnting before the Court. Many Courts have assistance for self represented litigants, however, the journey can be a periless one if you are not trained in the system and laws which you need to obtain a fair hearing.


We can assist you by providing some guidance and assistance in self representing.


Call us on 1300 557 819


We can assist you by pointing you towards a range of services which may assist you in your legal issue.


Call us on 1300 557 819

Representation Referral

We can assist by providing assistance with legal aid applications and where you do not qualify for legal aid we can still assist by providing:

- assistance with applications to various pro-bono schemes

-assistance with self representaion

-assistance to referal and provision of low cost legal representaion

-assistance with referrals to flat fee and no win no fee practitioners

Law Reforem Advocacy

As the quote goes "All that there is for evil to perpetuate is for good people to do nothing". We are vocal advocates for social justice accross a wide field but at the core of what we do, we are advocates for law reform to achieve justice.

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